Staff Training

The operation of our equipment is relatively simple and intuitive, but it requires detailed explanation in advance. The medical staff assigned to operate the apparatus will undergo practical and theoretical training that will maximize the device’s capabilities, minimize the risk of error and ensure adequate patient safety.
One of the main goals of the training, if not the most important, is to enable medical staff to achieve the highest possible quality of treatment.
Our trainings are implemented by authorized persons possessing the appropriate certificate of the producer, allowing them to provide such trainings.

We offer two basic types of training:

  • Initial training – a mandatory element of the process of starting a new apparatus.
    Depending on the specific device, user training can take several hours to several working days. As a rule, it is included in the price of the apparatus, because the commissioning of equipment without personnel training is basically excluded for formal and legal reasons.
  • Complementary training – carried out on the user’s order.
    Rutin is a silent enemy of quality. Keeping the knowledge and skills of medical staff at an appropriate level requires periodic updating. Even small errors unknowingly duplicated over a long period of time may contribute to the improper use of the equipment, and in extreme (fortunately extremely rare) cases to reduce patient safety. The inevitable turnover of medical personnel can lead to a situation in which the training of new users by the existing ones is very inadequate.
    HT Systems offers complementary training tailored to user needs at affordable prices.

The structure of the training

Introductory Part – medical foundations and scientific data on specific therapeutic procedures. We present a synthesis of available publications, from illustrative articles, through in vitro and in vivo research to clinical trials and meta-analyzes of data that make up the level of justification of given procedures in the light of EBM.

Equipment Part

Theoretical Equipment Part
⦁ Technical aspects of system operation – main unit and control computer.
⦁ Theory of surgery on a patient.
⦁ Safety rules.
⦁ Treatment documentation.

Practical Equipment Part
⦁ Starting the apparatus.
⦁ Performing the procedure on the patient.
⦁ Most common mistakes.
⦁ Maintenance and cleaning of the apparatus.

The training usually ends with an examination test verifying the knowledge and skills of each training participant.

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